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  What Are The Bulletins

Every business – large or small – faces multiple marketplace challenges.From increasing competition and customer churn to concerns over productivity and profitability.

Macro-economic and national trends now have a direct or indirect impact on all of these for your company, your suppliers and your customers.

That is why we have created our range of Business Bulletins.

Our bulletins have three core elements which we update and issue 12 times per year:

  • The Economy
    - Inflation (CPI & RPI)
    - Labour Market (Unemployment & Pay)
    - Economic Activity (GDP & Balance of Trade)
  • Retail Landscape
    - Retail Sales (Volume, Value & Internet)
    - Grocery Market (Sales & Retailer Performance)
  • Consumer Spending
    - Incomes (Discretionary Spend & Cost of Living)
    - Consumer Debt (Households & Personal)
    - Consumer Confidence (General & Personal)