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  Workshop Objectives

Workshop Objectives 2.pdf

Workshop Objectives

This workshop has been designed to give you an insight into many different areas when it comes to running your own Pub, Club or Restaurant.

While we will cover a whole range of topics there are some key things we hope you will learn from completing this course.

At the end of the workshop you should be able to…

  • Have abetter understanding of the relationship between COSTS, PRICES & PROFIT to be able to have a greater influence on your businesses profitability
  • Get some good ideas and tips on how to improve the performance of your business including branding on a small budget
  • Get an insight into effective merchandising
  • Be able to recognise the big mistakes when it comes to setting prices
  • Take-away some real examples on how by being smarter with your pricing you can make a significant difference to your margins!
  • Get an appreciation of some of the major beer trends within the industry
  • Get some useful advice on how to prevent under age sales or drug usage in your venue