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  Beer Channel Performance

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Beer Channel Performance

The last 10 years has seen the UK beer market in decline in almost ever year.

The declines were particularly steep between 2007 and 2010.This was in part due to the introduction of a smoking ban in all public places, including Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants and also a major down turn in the economy caused by the banking crisis.

Not surprisingly sales through licensed on-premises or the on-trade were hardest hit.

At a Total Trade level this saw the market shrink by over 7 and a half million barrels between 2005 and 2015.This means there are now over 4 million pints less being drunk every week compared to 10 years ago.

Despite seeing strong growth in previous decades, even sales through Supermarkets and Convenience stores have been falling.Having said that during the last few years sales through these outlets have gone back into growth.

Looking to the future overall beer sales through Pubs and Clubs are likely to continue to fall with sales through Supermarkets etc. likely to see low single digit growth.